teste epigenetico

How do we do the evaluation?

Since the S-Drive is not a medical device, it can be used by health, fitness, beauty, anti-aging, nutritionists and organizations around the world.

The S-Drive detects which epigenetic signals influence gene expression, so that changes in diet, nutrition and lifestyle can be adopted to support physiology and optimal performance. It is a portable device with a spectrum coil in the center. The coil produces a scalar wave that detects the changes that occur when the hair roots are placed in the coil.

It captures the informational signs of the hair root bulb found in the hair follicle. These emit a signature wave. This disturbs the scalar wave and the software converts the information into a digital record. Our technology uses bioresonance to distinguish what information is in the signature wave that is supporting efficiency and optimal expression.

We use the hair root bulb as an information source, since the hair follicle integrates the body's sensory system. This biomarker expresses the information of the environment that is present in the energy field.

Information changes over time, as it is interconnected by resonance with the person's epigenetic influence. The environment around us has the ability to alter this gene expression, for example through the quality of the air, the food and the nutrients absorbed; the electromagnetic environment and even more than 50,000 daily thoughts.

The information is sent, over a secure connection, to our high-speed servers in Hamburg, Germany, which use resonance algorithms to map the optimization. We have an extensive database of informational archives, including food, nutritional and environmental influences. The resulting epigenetic information is presented in a comprehensive report that is returned to the S-Drive operator in 15 minutes. 

The Report is relevant for a period of 90 days as epigenetic influences are constantly changing.